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Website Development

Roseberry QLD

Non-Profit company

Roseberry QLD is a community-based organisation that provides a range of services to meet the identified needs of young people and families who are experiencing difficulty in their lives.


01 Key challenges

Roseberry QLD already has an existing website, but it did not meet all the organisation's requirements. The primary concerns included the ability to accept single donations and subscriptions as well as enhancing communication with members. Additional functionalities included a system for managing events, a blog, the option for newsletter subscriptions, and automated social outreach and support via Facebook Messenger.

To facilitate staff management of the new blog, events, and donations, a personalised administrative dashboard was created. This dashboard offers limited access points for staff, ensuring privacy and security.

02 Solutions delivered

Membership site for community

Blog to post company updates and news

Donation platform for single and subscription payments

Event platform to inform community latest events

Customised staff dashboard with role based access

- Web Design

- Custom Dev Work

- Brand Identity

- Brand Strategy

- Copy Writing

- Web Security

- Web Hosting

- Local SEO

- Graphic Design

- ADA compliance

- Newsletter (EDM)

- Digital Consulting

- Events Integration

- Training videos

- Ongoing Support

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